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Practical & stunningly beautiful at the same time – but the real beauty is that astro turf virtually maintenance free saving you hours of back breaking labour to maintain your lush green lawn. We have a wide selection ranging from 6mm – 40mm pile height. Artificial Grass offers a wide variety of colour and design which allows it to be more personalised. There are various different shades of green and natural brown curly fibre meaning there’s something to suit all tastes.

Below we can show various options, colours and contrasts. With designs that have striped astro, coloured astro and simple design styles. Astro turf is amenable, and can help to create the most extravagant of designs, including on one occasion, being used as wall covering for a fence!

We here to help and to show you what is possible in your garden, to ensure the best design for you and your home is created.

small garden design
curved astro turf
beautiful garden design
coloured turf
large garden
Coloured driveway with astro
garden circles
Astro turf front lawn
shaped astro turf
sculpted design
Grey garden pavers
round garden design
Outdoor chill space

The above is just some of the fantastic gardens we have designed using astro turf, as well as other gorgeous materials. There are so many options, and we can’t wait to show you them. We can make your garden standout and can be that space to relax or a playground for the children. The versatility means you can transform your garden to a low maintenance oasis, and have that feel of having an extra room in your home to enjoy. So why wait? Contact us to start your design journey, and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff design the garden you have always wanted.

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